Our Approach:

Some refer to it as eminent domain, others think of it as condemnation, and still others call it a governmental taking. Whatever term is used, Tousley Brain Stephens is regarded as one of the leading law firms in Washington State for condemnation and eminent domain litigation. Whether it is a major, high profile condemnation matter or a smaller scale taking, we understand the condemnation process and take pride in protecting our client’s rights.

In nearly all condemnation cases, the critical issue is valuation – how much money the property owner receives for the government’s taking of the property. The valuation process can be highly complex, requiring work with appraisers and other qualified real estate experts. Our lawyers know this process well and have the experience to assemble and work with all the professionals needed to support our client’s valuation claims.

Although our primary focus is representing property owners, we have also represented governmental entities. Our understanding of the government’s perspective helps us add value to our client’s case.

As with all litigation matters we handle, our goal is to meet our client’s objective. While this often involves obtaining a high valuation, other times it means minimizing the amount of property taken. We are not afraid to take on the government and battle it aggressively.

We understand the condemnation process and take pride in protecting our client's rights.

Our Eminent Domain and Condemnation Attorneys