TBS Files Suit on Behalf of GM Truck Owners with Defective Speedometers

GM truck owners, represented by Tousley Brain Stephens, have filed lawsuits in Oregon and Washington alleging certain models of General Motors trucks contain a defective and highly dangerous speedometer. This defect causes the speedometers to register and display inaccurate speeds both when the trucks are at a standstill and when they are moving. Many speedometers fail to register the vehicle’s speed at all. Plaintiffs allege that General Motors has known about this defect, but has chosen not to recall the trucks or offer a free-of-charge replacement or repair. To read more about these lawsuits against General Motors, and to see a list of affected models of trucks, click here. If you believe you are a member of this class or if you would like further information, please e-mail us at gmtrucks@tousley.com or call 206-682-5600.

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