Shareholder and Corporate Dispute Litigation

We bring to each case a deep knowledge of the law and a keen understanding of the opposition’s perspectives and strategies.


A shareholder or corporate dispute can seriously disrupt a business. It also can trigger strong emotions among the parties, creating a serious impediment to settlement. Our lawyers have the experience and business acumen that can defuse the emotions and place the focus on business realities. Our ability to find solutions that allow the parties to move forward is the reason hiring Tousley Brain Stephens can make a significant difference in the outcome of the case.

The shareholder and corporate disputes we litigate most often involve closely-held or family businesses and arise in a variety of industries, everything from manufacturing to distribution to real estate – even an orchard. The disputes arise in various contexts including business dissolutions, allegations of minority shareholder oppression and shareholder derivative actions in which shareholders sue officers and directors on behalf of the corporation.

In many disputes a key issue is the value of the business or a shareholder’s interest in the business. We understand business valuation techniques and work closely with appraisers to establish a figure consistent with our client’s interests. Having represented all sides in these disputes, we bring to each one a deep knowledge of the law and a keen understanding of the opposition’s perspectives and strategies. This allows us to favorably settle many cases without commencing suit.

Some disputes, though, can be resolved only through litigation. If yours is one of these, our lawyers have the litigation and trial experience to aggressively protect your interests. While this may be in court, we also have successfully resolved disputes through mediation and arbitration.

Many clients are referred to us by sole practitioners. They know of our reputation, and they trust our skills. Equally important, they appreciate Tousley Brain Stephens’ commitment to resolve shareholder and corporate disputes as efficiently, favorably and cost-effectively as possible.


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