TBS Attorneys Obtain Settlement from Monsanto

On November 12, 2014, TBS attorneys Kim Stephens and Jason Dennett secured a $2.375 million settlement from Monsanto Corporation for soft white wheat farmers in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The settlement resolves a number of lawsuits related to the May 2013 discovery of genetically modified wheat on a farm in Eastern Oregon and subsequent temporary limits on certain exports of soft white wheat. You may be entitled to compensation under the terms of this settlement, if you are an owner, operator, landlord, tenant, sharecropper, landowner, or other person who either shared in the risk of producing a soft white wheat crop or shared in the crop available for marketing (as opposed to the proceeds from the crop) from a farm in Idaho, Oregon, or Washington. To qualify for payment, you must submit a Claim Form by March 31, 2015. You may obtain a claim form at www.swwsettlement.com or by calling 1-855-229-7512.

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