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Verra Mobility Rental Car Toll Charges


Verra Mobility Corporation


USDC Arizona

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Consumer Protection

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Verra Mobility Rental Car Toll Charges

When consumers rent a car, they sometimes drive that car through road tolls. If a driver doesn’t buy the rental car company’s “toll package” and incurs tolls that the driver does not pay at a booth, the driver may receive a “notice” requiring payment for toll charges plus hefty “administrative fees” that are often multiple times the amount of the toll itself.

Tousley Brain Stephens filed a class action against the company collecting those tolls and fees—Verra Mobility Corporation—for violating federal and state debt collection laws. If you received a notice that you owe for tolls incurred while renting a car, you are welcome to contact Tousley Brain Stephens for further information on your legal rights. We will review your claim for free, confidentially, and without any obligation on your part. To find out whether you qualify, please select the green "Click Here" located to your right under Contact Form, and fill out the simple form.


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