After more than three decades of operation in Seattle, Media+ announced a transition in ownership from its founder, Kathy Neukirchen, to two veteran leaders within the agency, Mary Ann Grajek and Lauren Ramaska,.  Founded in 1983, Media+ is a leading Seattle-based full-service media agency specializing in consumer and audience insights, target market segmentation, and cross-channel media strategy, planning, and buying.   After working for the past year to structure and complete this transition, Mary Ann and Lauren are excited to execute on their vision to make Media+ the most successful independently-owned mid-sized media agency in the country.

The TBS business team was a key part of the deal:  “Rodger and team worked diligently to ensure that our acquisition of Media+ went through as smoothly as possible.  Rodger is a wealth of knowledge and provided the consultation and counsel that we needed in order to move our deal forward and have a successful transition.”  - Lauren Portman, Media+ managing partner.

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