Washington Court of Appeals Affirms Tousley Brain Stephens Victory for Internet Entrepreneur

In a unanimous opinion, the Washington Court of Appeals, Division I, affirmed the judgment entered in favor of our client, the founder of an Internet yellow pages company, following a February 2005 trial. The plaintiff, a minority owner in the company, sought a $127-million dollar damage award relating to the sale of the company to InfoSpace, Inc. Tousley Brain Stephens attorneys¬†Janissa A. Strabuk, David D. Hoff, and Kimberlee L. Gunning obtained summary judgment dismissal of the majority of plaintiff’s claims before trial and obtained a judgment in our client’s favor following trial. On appeal, plaintiff argued that the trial court erred by misinterpreting key provisions of the sale contract, limiting his legal damages, ruling that he was not entitled to disgorgement of our client’s profits from the sale of the company, and holding that he was not entitled to a double recovery for the same harm. The Court of Appeals rejected all of these arguments.

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