In another example of the firm’s commitment to facilitating win-win transactions, Olympic Hot Tub Company was sold by its founders Blair Osborn and Alice Cunningham to longtime director of sales and operations, Don Riling. Osborn and Cunningham started Olympic Hot Tub in 1978 and made it the Northwest’s premier home hot tub and sauna retailer. The team at TBS was pleased to advise Mr. Osborn and Ms. Cunningham on the sale.

After working for several months to finalize the transaction, Alice Cunningham extended her thanks, saying “A big thank you to Rodger and Tousley Brain Stephens for their diligence and expertise in facilitating the sale of Olympic Hot Tub. Their business acumen proved to be a major asset during the structuring of the sale.”

The sale closed August 12 and would not have been possible without the vision and guidance of Olympic Hot Tub’s business advisor, Dan Cunningham, founder and principal of the Business Ferret. Mona Smith represented Mr. Riling.